What We Do.

For amateur or professional athletes looking to take their running to another level, we provide you with a detailed understanding of how every step impacts your overall performance.

What We Do

Zebris running analysis

At Runners Tech Perth, we encourage runners in Perth to unlock their fullest potential by discovering ways to improve their running technique. We analyse our clients’ running gait through custom technology embedded into an anatomical analysis treadmill, called Zebris. Within this treadmill is a force platform found at the treadmill’s base and cameras attached to both its rear and side. This ensures our clients are provided with more than just a professional running analysis. Our technology equips clients with integrated video and force technology data, which we can then use to analyse their running gait and can be emailed to patients for future reference.

With up to 7,168 sensors located within the 128 x 56 cm sensor platform, this measures up to an approximate of 1.4 sensors for every square centimeter. We understand that the human eye can only interpret so much when it comes to achieving peak athletic performance and professional running technique, as running movements occur very quickly. This is where professional running technique and anatomical technology can be combined to benefit our clients.

Compared to most other anatomical analysis services in the industry, our approach at Runners Tech Perth analyses up to more than 10 minutes of data, as opposed to just an anatomical analysis of a runner’s single step. However, the Runners Tech Perth team understands that simple video analysis doesn’t provide force data. With force data measurements, we will be able to advise runners or athletes in Perth of whether or not they’re overloading an area of their foot, or if they could achieve better foot sequencing during their runs. Book your session today with the Booking Tab below or visit our Contact Us page to leave an inquiry.

What We Do

Identifying Training and Performance Related Injuries with RunnersTech Perth.

Runners and athletes endure a fair amount of rigour when it comes to training and performance. With the Zebris System, our team at Runners Tech Perth can help if you are looking to identify any training-related pains or injuries and a program to get you back on track.

Intelligent Training And Recovery

Some runners and athletes may consider pain to be part and parcel of their ongoing training effort. Despite the die-hard sentiment, we at Runners Tech Perth tend to disagree. We take a technical and holistic approach to help our clients realise their full athletic potential, without needlessly harming or injuring themselves while they are training. Data obtained through the Zebris system is used to help our clients achieve a more effective running technique for their training. This is called a gait analysis, and is a measurement tool employed by Podiatrist Stephen Wisken and his team at Runners Tech Perth.

A gait analysis helps to analyse a client’s unique body pattern movement. Ideal gait patterns can also be sourced through the Zebris FDM-T system, helping professional runners in Perth, as well as clients seeking remedial therapy to develop ideal gait patterns. Depending on a client’s physiological conditions, a gait analysis performed by Podiatrist Stephen Whisken and his team can help with issues involving, but not limited to:

  • Runner’s Knee
  • Achilles Tendinitis
  • Hamstring Issues
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Shin Splints
  • Iliotibial (IT) Band Syndrome
  • Stress Fracture

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