Winter Running Techniques

August 27th, 2019 / Running Technique

Running during the colder months doesn’t necessarily need to be a miserable experience with these tips from Runners Tech Perth.

The colder months of winter are generally associated to the comforts of keeping warm indoors, but where does this leave a person in regards to achieving their fitness goals? If you’ve recently committed to running more often as a fitness routine, you may be glad to hear us validate the opinion that there’s no need to avoid your favourite running routes in Perth, just because the temperature’s dropped to its seasonal lows.


When it comes to running during the winter months in Perth, a rule of thumb that we at Runners Tech Perth would advocate is to keep as comfortable as you can during your runs. It may be colder outdoors, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your choice running routes around Perth. Running will inevitably raise your body temperature, so what can runners in Perth do to ensure their outdoor runs remain pleasant despite the wind and winter cold?


Braving the Winter Elements as a Runner in Perth


If comfort is the overall goal when it comes to running during the winter months, then it all boils down to understanding the challenge posed by the idea of running during winter. So what exactly will you be dealing with, and what steps can you take to ensure a healthy running routine despite the cold? Shorter hours of daylight and chillier winds should be among your top concerns if you want to continue running outdoors in winter. Running is as beneficial to a person’s physical wellbeing as it can be to their emotional wellness – so if you want to make running in the cold a more pleasant experience, then consider the challenges posed by the elements, and what you can do to cope with them.


Given that there will be a shorter amount of daylight with each day, schedule your runs during the daylight hours so you’ll be able to take in as much sunlight while you’re outdoors. A common tip for keeping a person’s emotional and mental wellbeing during winter is to ensure that one gets as much sunlight as possible. So double up on happiness simply by enjoying your runs whenever the sun is out.


Two other things that are a given when it comes to running in winter are cold winds, and breaking a sweat. The challenge to consider here is how you can prevent yourself from catching a chill from breaking a sweat and being exposed to a freezing breeze. Before your run, consider the direction of wind and plan your route so that you start your run by moving with the direction of the wind. That way it’ll be easier to avoid feeling a chill when you’ve broken a sweat during your run.


How Should You Layer Up to Keep Warm?


It’s common sense for a person to put on additional layers of clothing to keep warm in winter. So how would this idea apply to keeping warm and comfortable while you are out for a run? We recommend paying attention to the type of material that your active wear is made of. While you are generally looking to keep yourself warm, it’s also important to have clothing that helps you keep cool when your body eventually heats up as you break a sweat.


As with dressing with additional layers of clothing for winter, it’s important to pay mind to how your body easily loses heat through your head and hands. Wearing gloves and a beanie while you are out for a run can generally keep enough warmth in so that you don’t catch a chill when you are out on long runs during winter in Perth. A lightweight shell jacket or windbreaker is excellent for keeping you insulated against the chilling wind. As far as picking a base layer of clothing goes, avoid cotton and go for synthetic active wear so you keep dryer and warmer as you begin to sweat during your run.


Changing Up Your Running Habits


If you’re not already into the habit of warming up before every run, then the colder season could be a great time to put this to practice. Spend more time warming up before your run so as to quickly acclimatise to the cold. Try jogging on the spot for longer so you’ll start your runs already warmed up and ready to put your muscles to work. Getting your blood flowing right before your run only means you’ll stay warmer for longer throughout the duration you’ve planned for exercise.


As you make your way through your running route, it also helps to run with a slightly adjusted stance that has your feet closer to the ground. What this does is help prevent any instance of slipping on wet or slick surfaces when it’s cold – especially if you’ve decided on a run after there’s been a bit of rain.


Company and Incentives are always great


Comfort is the overall goal to strive for when it comes to enjoying your runs in winter. So why not share the run with a buddy, or by signing up with a runner’s club in Perth? Having mates to enjoy your run with easily helps it feel less like a chore. With all the effort you’ll be putting into improving your health and fitness, it could also make your runs more enjoyable to treat yourself to a good meal with your running buddies after breezing through your latest winter run together.

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