Runners Tech Perth – Nutrition Tips for Runners

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Proper nutrition is crucial to helping even the most seasoned runners make the most out of their exercise. Runners Tech Perth describes just why.

Runners Tech Perth – Nutrition Tips for Runners

It should seem like common sense. Your body’s physical performance is a direct result of your dietary intake. After all, the more you exert yourself during a run, the more you should be eating to refuel, right? Well, before you gorge away, read on to consider which dietary tips would be right for the way you run. Most running coaches and professional runners in Perth would swear by their own pearls of wisdom, when it comes to eating right to help your performance. At Runners Tech Perth, we work with plenty of athletes of various professional levels. Of the clients we work with, several would easily recommend certain foods that help runners in Perth make the most out of their exercise.

Running can be hard work, but there’s no reason to believe that it shouldn’t be rewarding. So how can you be sure that you are eating the right foods? The food you consume should not only replenish your energy, but also benefit your performance as well. Look online, and you will find plenty of nutrition tips and fads recommended by professional runners, and running coaches alike. At Runners Tech Perth, we work with plenty of professional runners in Perth who tell us which diets and foods help them the most. Read on to get their take on the different types of diets there are, and which would suit you the best.

High Protein for Muscle Recovery

Plenty of bodybuilders and runners alike would recommend high protein foods, as they provide the building blocks for muscle recovery. It should make sense, seeing as exertion on your muscles would cause tears in your muscle tissue – especially with the hard effort you would be exerting during a run. However, most professional runners in Perth would have a thing or two to say, when cautioning against an over emphasis on a high protein diet.

What most runners in Perth may not realise is, a diet that is high in protein may contribute to chronic metabolic acidosis. This is when an acid imbalance presents in a runner’s body. As a high protein diet is highly acidic, this may force your kidneys to work extra hard to counter-balance such an effect. As a general rule of thumb, most professional running coaches in Perth would advocate a diet that is rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, so as to counteract the acidity of a high protein diet. While protein serves as an essential nutrient to help the recovery of a runner’s muscles, you should also be getting enough fresh fruit and vegetables to avoid long-term health concerns such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Low Carb Diets for Weight Loss

Here’s a nutrition fad that’s quickly grown in popularity, especially among runners clubs in Perth. In theory, it does sound about right that a diet that is low in carbohydrates can help a runner to lose weight quickly. However, there’s a second part to this nutritional mechanism that tends to be overlooked by even the most seasoned runners in Perth. Rapid weight loss tends to affect a runner’s glycogen and water stores in the body. Most of that weight is lost from a runner’s stores of these two crucial bodily components. The thing is, it would be fairly easy for a seasoned runner in Perth to run out on their body’s glycogen stores rapidly. When this happens, is where trouble begins for the runner.

With low glycogen stores in the body, runners lose their source of energy and hydration. Fat burning tends to be a longer process, but without glycogen as a source of fuel, a runner’s body begins to work sluggishly. Running coaches in Perth always recommend a diet that presents adequate carbohydrates to serve as fuel. This is especially helpful if you intend to be running regularly. By lowering your carbohydrate or fibre intake by too much, you will essentially be denying your body the fuel it needs to sustain regular exercise.

Detox Diets for ‘Balanced’ Lifestyles

Runners beware: here’s a fad that’s made it among even the most seasoned of runners clubs in Perth. Detox diets are diets that involve eating small amounts of food, or those that see runners cutting out entire food groups so as to focus on weight loss. What we at Runners Tech Perth will say is that any gains seen from such a dietary fad would almost be temporary. While it may be certain that such dietary fads lead to weight loss, runners in Perth contemplating these detox diets should ask themselves: at what cost?

The fact remains that a well-balanced diet involving the different food groups will provide nutrients to holistically look after your body. Beyond weight loss goals and replenishing your body’s energy stores, it’s important for runners in Perth to consider nutrition as a fundamental necessity for one’s wellbeing. Without certain food groups, you may in fact be depriving your body of the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy immune system. Imagine the chaos you could potentially be wrecking on your body! If you’re putting the extra effort into your runs, then you should in fact be making sure your body has what It needs, and more – instead of cutting out what would otherwise be holistic nutrition for good health.


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