Runners Tech Perth – Perfecting Your Running Technique

May 1st, 2019 / Running Technique

No matter your level of performance as a runner in Perth, consider how these tips will help you make the most out of your exercise.

Runners Tech Perth – Perfecting Your Running Technique

Running is great exercise. If you’re among the enthusiasts who have realised this by now, then you will find that there is always more than one way to make the most out of your new favourite form of exercise. Instead of investing in flashy new runners or matching your active wear to stand out from the other runners in Perth, consider how you can take it up a notch by improving your running technique. At Runners Tech Perth, we work with a variety of running coaches and runners in Perth. Through our years of working with these athletes and professionals, we’ve found a handful of perspectives on running technique that we are more than happy to share.

More often than not, most running coaches in Perth would encourage runners to break their runs up into a set number of strides. With a number in mind, say a few thousand strides, this begs the question of how many small steps a person can take to improve the way they perform. If you have considered it, a gait analysis can also help identify the different areas of your technique that you can work on. Performance runners in Perth continue to seek us out especially when looking for ways to optimise their running technique.

The key to unlocking your best running technique lies with an understanding of anatomy. Simply put, running is an activity that involves positioning your body in a constant state of momentum. In order for that momentum to be sustained comfortably, it is important to understand how best to carry your body forward and maintain your momentum in a safe and comfortable way. If a running momentum does not come to you naturally, it might help to see how your body naturally creates such a momentum once you lean forward. Try that while you are standing – with your shoulders shifted slightly forward, you’ll be able to see how this forward momentum influences your run. All that is left, s to naturally sustain this momentum with each of your strides.

Sustaining Forward Momentum with Proper Foot Positioning

With your body shifted slightly forward to create that forward momentum, what should come naturally is to position your legs in a way that helps maintain constant and comfortable strides. Some beginner runners in Perth may ponder the question: which is more effective, landing on one’s heel or on your mid-feet? The answer should be obvious – landing on the mid-foot area will allow for more effective absorption of kinetic impact as you maintain your forward momentum. Think about how landing on the heel of your feet will create inefficient absorption of impact during your run. Landing on your heel will require your leg to be straightened. Not only will this create needless impact on your joints, but it would also seem to impede your forward momentum through unnatural bodily positioning. At Runners Tech Perth, we go by the same words of wisdom that plenty of other running coaches in Perth would recommend.

Whether you are a long distance runner or sprinter in Perth, it always helps runners to land on the balls of their feet or on their mid foot area, instead of on their heels. The primary benefit of landing on your mid-foot area while you run, is that this not only helps your body absorb the impact more effectively, but also helps store elastic energy through your muscles, joints, and tendons. As you lift your feet to maintain your strides, what this elastic energy does is create additional momentum for release, as you continue pushing off with each stride and bound. So remember to land lightly on your mid-foot, settle softly onto your whole foot while keeping your knees slightly bent and flexing your ankles and hips. This should help with balancing your own momentum forward during a run, and make your runs a lot more comfortable.

Are You Using the Right Technique for Your Runs?

There are generally two considerations to make when it comes to adapting your running style to suit a run. Runners in Perth may be used to  variety of running routes and terrain, but one thing most runners take into consideration is whether or not their run will take them through any slopes or hilly areas. It should make sense to even the most beginner runners in Perth to factor this into consideration. With hilly terrain to face, it makes more sense for runners to pace themselves as they face the different up or down slope conditions along their route.

When facing an uphill portion of a run, it may surprise runners to know how arm movements can help you conquer a slope without leaving you short of breath or energy at the top. Swinging your arms in tandem with your strides can help create the added momentum you need to bring yourself up a slope without exhausting yourself. As for descending a slope, runners would do best to consider adjusting their foot positioning by shifting how it lands more on the heels, instead of their toes. It might seem natural to lean back as you make your descent, but we and plenty of other running coaches in Perth would caution against this, as it may create a braking force that slows you down needlessly.


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